I’m Christine Emba.

Welcome to The Editrix, a pay-what-you-will (for now, anyways) newsletter. This is a place for musings on ideas, culture, social norms — the way we live now. You’ll get to read my ideas both formed and unformed on topics across the spectrum, especially the questions I’m still working out.

It’s also where I’ll share updates on my book Rethinking Sex: A Provocation, information on appearances (public or otherwise), links to new pieces, and first looks at *special projects.*

Me, Christine, in NYC
reporting from NYFW

Where do you know me from?

Most of my writing is at The Washington Post, where I was an opinion columnist with the oddly broad beat of “ideas and society.” But as of February 2024, I’m a staff writer at The Atlantic!

I’m also the author of the aforementioned Rethinking Sex: A Provocation (2022), a book which grapples with consent, feminism, and the dissatisfactions of modern sexual and romantic culture.

I’m also an editor-at-large with the Wisdom of Crowds platform and podcast.

And alas, I also tweet. (For now!) Plus I’m on insta. And Threads and Bluesky. Possibly tiktok, but you’ll never find me and I discourage your attempts to try.

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Rethinking Sex, and everything else.


Christine Emba 

Author of "Rethinking Sex: A Provocation." Opinion columnist and Editorial Board member at The Washington Post. Editor-at-large, WisdomOfCrowds.live